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Oh My Icy Breath and Trees full of Starlings

Icy cold today, maybe 10 below zero. Need to go out to post office and bank, bills, end of year things I forgot, almost overdrawn, wrote too many checks forgetting the money is draining like the bathtub. Slight hesitation. Still … Continue reading

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Shall I Fly North or South?

I ran out without a hat this morning. Usually in the winter, once I put the hat on, it doesn’t come off until April. No hat, no gloves, jacket flying open. It was that warm this December, and I was … Continue reading

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Birds, Black Car Texting, Exhaust

Woke up late. Too tired to start things in a hurry, like Saturdays of long ago. Sitting here with coffee, black as hell and bitter. But it tastes good. A grey fine day like someone’s antique silk dress fraying slightly … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Pie, Cindie, and a Flicker of Birds

All the way home from work, riding the bus, I dug deeper and deeper into negativity. Everything seemed stupid and useless and overwhelming, especially the endless masses and masses of cars going back and forth on four different busy roads. … Continue reading

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