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The Stars Woke Me Up This Morning

Actually a gun, three shots in loud rapid succession woke me up this morning. Tale end of a dream or should I say nightmare. I woke up instantly remembering the last few minutes of the dream. I was in a … Continue reading

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That Thing Hanging from a Branch Over the River

Suddenly the cold. Suddenly the wind. Suddenly the skies darken again. Just last Saturday the guys came to put up the storms. Again. Summer just fled. The days of gentle delicious night breezes cooling off my feet. Gone. The vast … Continue reading

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The Windy Freezing Beaten Down Garden

All night long I heard the howling wind, that sounded like it was whipping, slashing, breaking, pounding down everything on the house and in the garden. It’s been that windy now for three days, and today again and tomorrow it … Continue reading

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